Davis Faculty Association

DFA Board Elections

by Myrna Hays

According to DFA bylaws, it will soon be time to conduct elections for new Board members for 1998-99.

Current board members whose terms are due to expire in September are Sidney Gospe, Bill Lasley, Mark Matthews, and Lenora Timm.

Board members who will continue in 1998-99 are Jonathan Sandoval, Charles Nash, Ben McCoy, Yvette Flores-Ortiz, Floyd Feeney, Maria Colombi, and Don Abbott.

To submit your name or that of one of your colleagues for the nominating committee or to serve on the board, please contact Myrna Hays at 756-6413 or by email at dfamhays@wheel.dcn.davis.us

Continued strong leadership is essential to a strong Davis Faculty Association.

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