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Letter to Legislators regarding UC Budget

You have a daunting and difficult task before you. The Davis Faculty Association, a dues-paying organization of faculty at the University of California, Davis, realizes that there are no easy solutions as you craft a budget proposal that balances the diverse needs that exist. Nevertheless,  I am writing on behalf of the DFA Board to seek your support and assistance on  the University of California’s budget.

Governor Gray Davis’ May Revision budget proposes no additional budget cuts for UC. The University of California strongly supports the governor’s May Revision budget, recognizing that it offers a balanced approach despite the deep cuts it imposes.

By 2003-04, campus enrollments will have increased by about 18% over a three-year period, while our state-funded budget will have decreased by 6%. UC has already made deep cuts to essential programs and cannot absorb more cuts without significantly damaging the quality of the University. Cuts occurring already include reductions that equal 10%-50% of program budgets in such areas as libraries, student services, public service programs, and administration.

Now we hear that legislators are considering proposals that could further cut the University’s budget by $80.5 million or as much as $400 million. The University has limited options in addressing these additional cuts and we are very concerned that access for many students will be threatened.

The University of California is renowned for its research, faculty, and outstanding educational experience. The state’s historical investment in education is a key to California’s dominance in the global arena. Severe cuts will precipitate an exodus of our best faculty, causing damage to our educational system and its reputation.  This will take decades to reverse, after the cuts are restored.

Any assistance you can provide on supporting the governor’s May Revision budget for UC and opposing any additional cuts proposed by the Legislature will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kathryn Radke, Chair
Davis Faculty Association

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