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DFA Board Slate

The Nominating committee has selected the following slate of candidates to fill DFA Board positions as listed below with the following code (C – continuing; E – elect, RE – re-elect for one-year term):

Chair  Ian Kennedy (Engineering) RE
Vice Chair  Terrance Murphy (DBS) E

Board Members:
1. Daniel Link (Radiology) C
2. Robert Rucker (Nutrition) E
3. Lyn Lofland (Sociology) E
4. Richard Scalettar (Physics) E
5. Peter Richerson (Env. Sci) RE
6. Peter Rodman ( Anthropology) RE
7.Norma Landau (History) E
8. Lynette Hart (VM: Pop. Health) RE
9.Kathryn Radke (Animal Science) RE
10.Joe Kiskis (Physics) E
11.Floyd Feeney (Law) RE
Charlie Nash (ex-officio)due to CUCFA position

All nominees have agreed to serve. Their two-year terms of office will begin Sept. 2005. Further nominations may be made upon petition of 5% of the membership (15 members) in good standing as of April 1, 2005. Such petitions must be delivered on or before June 13 2005 to the Executive Director at 41 Camrosa Place, Sacramento, CA 95835. If no nominations are submitted, the slate shall be accepted as elected.

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