Davis Faculty Association

New DFA Executive Director

by Ian Kennedy

To the DFA membership:

After 29 years of dedicated service to the Davis Faculty Association, Myrna Hays has announced her retirement from the position of  Executive Director. During those years, Myrna has given her time  selflessly to the development, promotion and management of the DFA.  Without her efforts, the DFA would not today be one of the strongest  Faculty Associations in the UC system. We all, and I as Chair in particular, owe her a great deal of gratitude for her service. I have  enjoyed working with her greatly over the past few years – many times  I have relied on her memory of the DFA history and her insight into  the workings of the academic enterprise. I will miss her very much.  We are fortunate that Eric Hays (her son) will assume the role of  Executive Director, providing us with continuity. Eric has been working on behalf of the Council of UC Faculty Associations in the State Legislature and brings to the DFA an excellent background in areas related to the political fortunes of UC. I welcome him to his  new role and look forward to working with him.

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