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Work Life program

The University of California, Davis, has an active “Work Life” program that helps faculty to balance their professional responsibilities with their personal responsibilities. Faculty can familiarize themselves with the benefits that are available in two locations: the Academic Personnel Manuel (APM) under sections 220-10, 16c, 16d, 18b, and Appendix B; and the Work Life website at http://academicpersonnel.ucdavis.edu/worklife/. That site also lists Work Life faculty advisors/mentors who can help interested faculty locate the information and resources they need. The benefits include leave for birth and/or adoption, reduced service in the subsequent period, time off the tenure clock, post-tenure deferrals and the potential to negotiate a part-time position. However, it is not clear whether all faculty who would like to take advantage of these benefits know about them or feel free to ask their department chairs to use these benefits. Moreover, alternative or additional resources may be needed. The Davis Faculty Association represents one source of information and advocacy for individual faculty surrounding these important issues. Let us know your thoughts.

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