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Suggest Regent Candidates

From Andy Waterhouse:

The report on the Regent’s problems rekindled an idea I had last year.  Considering UC’s overall difficulties and the governance issues with the Regents, I think the faculty should send the Governor’s office a list of good candidates for Regents.  This should be a public list selected by a faculty panel using clear criteria.  Some ideas: 1) some knowledge of UC (extensive knowledge should not be needed) but including some appreciation of the roles of the faculty and administration, 2) an established commitment to UC’s mission and education in general, 3) a record of management success in business, academia, government or non-profits.

We have to avoid the impression that we want to stack the Regents with members “friendly” to faculty.  A public list of candidates should help avoid that impression.

In any case, this new report creates an opportunity and justification for the faculty to initiate more involvement.

I would be willing to support this effort with my participation if you feel it is worth pursuing.


From Ian Kennedy:

Linda Bisson points out this idea was discussed systemwide but the Senate cannot get involved in political issues like this without UCOP involvement. However, the Faculty Associations are free to follow-up. Any comments?

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