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Nash Prize Nominations

Below is a copy of the call for nominations for the Nash Prize which you received in the Senate electronic mailing of December 2. I am resending it to encourage DFA members to participate in the nomination process which is outlined in the document. As indicated, the nomination deadline is February 6.


Nash Prize Selection Committee
The Charles P. Nash Prize
2008-2009 Call for Nominations

December 1, 2008

The Davis Faculty Association, Davis Division of the Academic Senate and Davis Division of the Academic Federation invite nominations of candidates for The Charles P. Nash Prize.

The Charles P. Nash Prize is designed to reward exceptional achievement and commitment in promoting shared governance and advocacy for faculty interests and welfare.

The Prize is to be awarded annually to a member of the UC Davis Academic Senate, the Davis Faculty Association, or the Academic Federation whose actions demonstrate an exceptional and extended commitment to shared governance and/or promoting faculty interests by ensuring equitable treatment of faculty. In the spirit of Charlie Nash, such activity must be above and beyond normal committee assignments or academic obligations, typically, spanning a period of time or one’s career.

Nominations are sought from any member of the academic community: students, faculty, staff, alumni, departments or units. Eligibility: All members of the Academic Federation, Academic Senate and Davis Faculty Association who have not previously won the award are eligible. Previous nominees who have not received the award may be renominated.

The Charles P. Nash Prize is designed to reward exceptional achievement in the spirit of Charlie Nash. Examples of Charlie Nash’s achievements include:

– Using the machinery of the faculty governance process, often invoking the mechanisms of Academic Senate committees, to achieve equity for individual faculty members
– Making sure that the machinery of shared governance works well, both structurally and functionally
– Contributing to analysis of shared governance, such as the “Mending the Wall” report (http://academicsenate.ucdavis.edu/documents/shared_governance_report.pdf)
– Working with others to craft the Nash-Goldman report which made recommendations for changes in the personnel policy for Academic Federation employees (http://academicpersonnel.ucdavis.edu/acadfed/nashgoldmanreport.cfm)
– As Vice President of the Council of UC Faculty Associations, Charlie Nash supported legislation allowing faculty to assign their own texts and protecting their intellectual property rights (http://www.ucdfa.org/nash.htm)
– Mentoring and advising faculty to guide them in “finding their way thru the merit and promotion briar patch”, as well as assisting them with their personnel cases within their departments and with the Academic Senate Committee on Academic Personnel
– Serving for many years on faculty committees to advocate for faculty interests, including: Chair of the Davis Faculty Association board Vice President of External Affairs on the CUCFA board Chair of the Davis Division Academic Senate (2 terms)

The annual prize will be awarded in a public ceremony and will include a $1,000 honorarium, and a physical prize, to be determined by the Selection Committee. There will be no restriction on the prize recipient with regard to the use of the prize.

Letters of nomination accompanied by a one page list of relevant accomplishments must be submitted electronically. The Committee will rely upon material presented to it; therefore it is important that the letter and list make the best case possible within the space limitation.

Send your nomination letter electronically to Nancy Kilpatrick, Academic Senate, at: nlkilpatrick@ucdavis.edu.

The Nash Prize Selection Committee will review the nominations and will select a recipient from the original slate of candidates. The Committee is permitted to select one recipient for each academic year.

Deadline for Nominations: All nominations must be received electronically in the Academic Senate Office by 5:00 PM, Friday, February 6, 2009.

Nominations should be addressed to: The Nash Prize Selection Committee, Academic Senate Office, 402 Mrak Hall. The Committee is normally composed of Clinton Nash or her designee and a representative designated by each of the following: the Davis Faculty Association, the Davis Division Academic Senate, the Davis Division Academic Federation.

Questions concerning nominations may be addressed to Nancy Kilpatrick, Resource Analyst, Academic Senate Office (nlkilpatrick@ucdavis.edu or 752-2220).


2008-2009 Nash Prize Selection Committee
Alan Jackman
Barbara Goldman
Lyn Lofland
Clinton Nash

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