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Arizona’s Problems

Davis Faculty Association member Ron Hess pointed us to an article in yesterday’s East Valley Tribune (Phoenix, AZ) that discusses the dire state of public higher education in Arizona:

Budget Cuts May Force ASU To Shutter Polytechnic Campus.

“ASU President Michael Crow has directed the university to prepare to shutter its Polytechnic campus in east Mesa as higher education faces hundreds of millions of dollars in funding cuts.” The proposed cuts “might include $314 million from the three public universities, 30 percent of their state money.” Crow said, “We could eliminate the nursing school, the journalism school, the law school and the engineering school and still not meet these cuts.”  The article notes that “the polytechnic campus…is the planned centerpiece of east Mesa’s future economic development,” and “has become a sort of higher education laboratory… The applied science school, for example, helps the education program train math and science teachers.”

Full article is available at:

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