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CA Studies Conference — “Failed State?” April 16th

Consider attending a conference at UC Davis on 16th April that will address the systemic problems in the governance of California:


What are the roots of our crisis? What are its implications for Californians and the world? And what hope do we have for reforming our way out of it? Join us in Davis as we explore causes, consequences, and prospects for renewal.

California lurches through a severe global recession seemingly unable to address its emergency. Once a model of deliberative democracy, the state’s various levels of government now work at cross purposes until the institutions barely function. State revenues are in such poor condition that the Golden State verges on inability to sell its bonds — despite having the world’s eighth largest economy. How did we get here? Might there be tools and materials for building a new future amidst the experiences, stories, and visions of our vast cultural kaleidoscope? Can the state renowned for self-renewal renew itself?

Failed State: Crisis and Renewal in California Politics and Culture

April 16, 2010 @ the Rec Pool Lodge, University of California, Davis

Space is limited. Please register for this free event online at http://dhi.ucdavis.edu/failedstate

8:00 am Registration

8:30 am “Constitutional Crisis: Remaking California and Reclaiming the Public Good” Jeff Lustig, Dan Walters, Lenny Goldberg, Jean Ross, and David Crosson. “Regionalizing Politics and Power in California”
Frank J. Gruber, Juan D. De Lara, Ron Loveridge, and Terry O’Day.

10:15 am “Remapping California: Race, Place, and Community” George Lipsitz, Clyde Woods, Francisco Fuentes, and Robin DeLugan. “Iconography from a Fallen State: A Filmmaker, Printmaker, and Journalist Take on Images of California” Craig Baldwin, Bill Boyarsky, Tom Killion, Paulina Borsook.

12:00 pm Lunch: “How to Fix a Broken State” Mark Paul and Joe Mathews, authors of “California Crackup:How Reform Broke theGolden State and How We Can Fix It”

1:15 pm “Civil Rights in California: Education, Incarceration, Political Representation” Charles McDonald, Daphne Kwok, and Kenneth Burt. “Reimagining California: Perspectives from the Embedded Arts” Sara Wookey, Dick Hebdige, Matthias Gieger, Micha Cardenas, Kim Yasuda.

3:00 pm Plenary Session: “Initiating Failure: Populist Governance and the Golden State” Peter Schrag, Lisa Garcia-Bedolla, John Douglass, Daniel HoSang, Louis Warren.

4:30 pm Keynote: “(re)Thinking California: Memory, Borders and Place” Roberto Alvarez, Professor of Ethnic Studies and Director of California Cultures in Comparative Perspective at UC San Diego.

5:30 pm Reception

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