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Open Letter to UCD from DFA regarding Faculty Input Into Cuts

The DFA sent the following letter to the UCD Chancellor and Deans today:


April 6, 2010

Chancellor Linda P. B. Katehi
UC Davis, 1 Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616

Dear Chancellor Katehi,

The principle of shared governance has been a mainstay of the University of California. The Davis Faculty Association recognizes that the principle of shared governance cannot be equated with faculty governance – ultimately decisions about the budget are the responsibility of the Deans and the upper administration. However, adherence to this principle does require significant and ongoing consultation with the faculty early on in the deliberative process in regards to matters that affect the academic mission. The DFA is concerned that decisions that are driven by the budget crisis have been made in some cases without sufficient input from rank and file faculty through their representatives such as the College Executive Committees.

We offer as an example the reorganization of departmental staff that has recently caused considerable anxiety in some Colleges. It seems to us that the proper starting point for discussions of this issue must be either with identifying under-utilized staff or else tasks that will no longer be performed by staff: advising students, handling student evaluations, helping faculty submit grants, computer support and so forth.  Otherwise, it is impossible to discern where cost savings will arise.  Proposals for centralizing staff support by consolidating support across departments should identify significant idle staff time or unnecessary functions.

Because the reorganization of departmental staff can affect teaching and research support fundamentally, and because faculty have close awareness of the detailed functioning of their departments, we feel that initial and substantial faculty consultation is essential. Broadly based input from independent faculty members will help to ensure that unforeseen impacts on the academic mission are avoided, and that the best decisions are made.


The Davis Faculty Association Board:
Ian Kennedy (chair), Colin Cameron, Norma Landau, Lyn Lofland, William Lucas, Kathryn Radke, Robert Rucker, Richard Scalettar, Saul Schaefer,
Pieter Stroeve, and Joe Kiskis.

cc:     Provost and Executive VC Enrique J. Lavernia
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dean Neal Van Alfen
Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing Heather Young
Biological Sciences Dean Kenneth C. Burtis
Education Dean Harold Levine
Engineering Dean Bruce R. White
Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies Dean Jessie Ann Owens
Graduate School of Management Dean Steven Currall
Graduate Studies Dean Jeffery C. Gibeling
Law Dean Kevin Johnson
Mathematical and Physical Sciences Dean Winston Ko
Medicine Dean Claire Pomeroy
Social Sciences Dean George R. Mangun
UC Davis Extension Dean Dennis Pendleton
Veterinary Medicine Dean Bennie Osburn
DFA members

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