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UCB op-ed on cyber campus proposal

UCB FA chair Wendy Brown and other Berkeley faculty had an op-ed published in yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle about the cyber campus proposal to be discussed at today’s UC Regents’ meeting.

An excerpt:

“Most of the discussion about online education has come from administrators who are far removed from the experience of teaching and thus the logistics and consequent financial realities of moving courses and curricula online. UC has hundreds of superb teachers who have scarcely been consulted. However, it is obvious that it is teachers, not administrators, who should be the architects of this initiative, and at every step.

“These commonsense suggestions must be kept in mind as UC explores online learning. If not, the university runs the risk of destroying its reputation and excellence in the name of marketing a brand. The taxpayers and students of California will be much the poorer.”

Full article at:

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