Davis Faculty Association

Letter from outgoing chair Ian Kennedy

The following letter is being distributed to the members of the DFA on behalf of outgoing DFA chair Ian Kennedy:

I have had the honor of serving the Davis Faculty Association, first on the Board then as Chair, for quite a few years. The time has come for change and we are fortunate that Bob Rucker has agreed to serve as Chair of the DFA. The DFA and the Council of UC Faculty Associations face unprecedented challenges in protecting the University and the role of the faculty in governing it. I am sure that the DFA will continue to investigate, to report and to agitate as necessary under Bob’s leadership. I want to thank Bob for agreeing to serve in this capacity and I want to thank the Board members with whom I have worked and the DFA membership at large for the thought-provoking interactions that we have had over the years. Finally, I want to thank Eric Hays for so capably assisting me in running the DFA and working with CUCFA to represent our interests in Sacramento.

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