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Regents meeting this week: benefit cuts and tuition hikes

The UC Regents are meeting this week. Issues to be discussed include a proposal to raise student fees yet again, this time by 8%. The student fee hike is scheduled to be discussed Thursday at 8:50 am. The Regent’s will also discuss a cut to employee benefits. This benefits discussion is scheduled for Thursday at 10:15 am.

The Council of UC Faculty Associations (of which the Davis Faculty Association is the local chapter), has sent open letters to Yudof addressing each of those issues. CUCFA’s take on post employment benefit changes is at http://cucfa.org/news/2010_oct14.php (please note the link at the top of that page leading to a longer discussion on this topic). On the issue of tuition increases, see http://cucfa.org/news/2010_nov15.php

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