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Notice of important changes proposed by UC in APM 668

The Faculty Association leaders would like to draw your attention to proposed APM 668, Negotiated Salary Program:

The origins of this proposed addition to that Academic Personnel Manual are in the Joint Senate-Administration Compensation Plan Steering Committee http://www.ucop.edu/acadpersonnel/documents/compplan_gottfredson.pdf June 2010. Proposed APM 668 is, to some extent, modeled on the Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP).

The basic proposal is to allow the use of non-State funds to supplement faculty salaries. This would be done on an individual basis. I.e. each faculty member in “Good Standing” could apply to his or her department chair for a temporary supplemental salary to be paid from non-State funds. This proposal would be reviewed by the chair and the dean. The procedure for further review and the possible involvement of Senate academic personnel procedures is vague. Final approval authority would be with the EVC.

Although the materials surrounding the policy seem to envision a very close connection between external funds generated by the faculty member (e.g. research grants) and the possibility of receiving a negotiated supplement, the policy itself is written to be much more general than that. It appears that tuition funds could be used to fund the supplement.

Implementation of the plan would be fine grained. Chancellors may decide if and how to implement the plan on each campus. Implementation may vary by unit on a campus.

Of course there is much more to the policy than can be mentioned here. The policy and surrounding materials answer many questions. However there are many issues that are not addressed very well.

Adoption of APM 668 would be a major departure from University of California academic personnel practice and tradition and raises concerns of equity and transparency. The proposed policy is currently out for review with comments due by Nov. 18. The DFA will be providing comment and would encourage your feedback.

Invitation from UCSC FA to “Earned Media” workshop

Welcome back to school. This year looks like another difficult one for those of us trying to defend public, accessible, quality education. Public higher education is under attack all over the country: Texas, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, and right here in California.

This year CUCFA and its associated FA chapters are joining the CSUs and Community Colleges of California in the “Campaign for the Future of Higher Education” [CFHE], a national campaign that includes the voices of the faculty from our universities, colleges, and community colleges, students, and our communities — not just administrators, politicians, foundations and think tanks. The aim is to ensure that curriculum, pricing, and structure of our nation’s higher education systems are good for our students and the quality of education they receive.

For faculty to bring our message to the public, we need to communicate with the media. So, as a service to our members and our community, our sister FA chapter at UCSC, the Santa Cruz Faculty Association is sponsoring an excellent workshop on the UCSC campus taught by Alice Sunshine, Publicity Director for the California Faculty Association (the organization that represents the faculty of the twenty-three campuses of the California State University system). While we realize it is unlikely that Davis faculty will be able to find time to attend, we wanted to let you know that the SCFA has invited all interested DFA members to come.

The workshop will be September 30, from 1 to 4 pm, at the UCSC Bay Tree Conference Center (also called the Career Center, in the same building as the Bay Tree Bookstore). A box lunch will be served starting at 12:15, but you’ll need to RSVP for both lunch and the workshop. By gathering a little early and breaking bread (sandwiches from Emily’s, actually) together, we can strategize and discuss and socialize before the workshop begins.  Please RSVP to this event by clicking on the link near the end of this letter, the SCFA needs to know how many people will be attending in order to plan accordingly.

UCSC FA chair Shelly Errington attended Alice’s program “Can You Hear Us Now? Earned Media and Other Communications Strategies” at the AAUP Summer Institute in 2010. She says she learned so much that she had not been aware of concerning media availability, how to create events and visuals that the media will cover, organizing yourself and your group for media coverage, and other topics. The following is a description of Alice’s program at the summer institute, which will give you an idea of what topics will be covered at the SCFA workshop. The program will be somewhat modified to meet the current needs of the FA’s.

Can You Hear Us Now? Earned Media and Other Communications Strategies

The fast pace and sheer volume of news today means your chapter or conference media communications strategy needs to be both smart and realistic. This hands-on workshop will train you to be a media “organizer” and effective spokesperson. Learn how to evaluate your message’s news potential and craft a media outreach program that attracts attention. Participants will discuss tactics for feeding stories to local media markets and generating “media availability” opportunities. It’s not enough to get noticed, though — before grabbing the media’s attention, you need to plan what to do once you’ve got it! In small teams, participants will practice the “nine-second sound bite” and other techniques for making the most of your media moment. Playback and constructive critique will be part of the drill.

This workshop is a public service for faculty who may be involved involved with programs and outreach that they’d like to publicize, having to do with their research and teaching. That’s fine! We want to provide knowledge of these tools that can then be used for any project you’re involved with.

If you are interested in more information, here is a link to an article by Alice Sunshine about media outreach: http://www.aaup.org/AAUP/pubsres/academe/2011/MJ/Feat/suns.htm

If you wish to attend the workshop, please RSVP to this event by clicking on this link:


UC Regents meet this week

The UC Regents are meeting this week. The agenda is available at:

Streaming audio of the meeting will also be available at the above URL.

Items of note:

There are public comment periods at 8:30 am on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday at 10:15 am – the Regents will discuss how Chancellors are not being competitively compensated.

Wednesday at 11:15 am – there is a collective bargaining issue on the agenda, but what the issue is is not described at all in the agenda. Compensation increases for 10 high ranking administrators will also be discussed.

Thursday at 8:50 am – Compensation increases for several more high ranking administrators will be discussed.

Thursday at 9:00 am – UC’s ability to recruit graduate students will be discussed. There is evidence that fewer prospective graduate students are making UC graduate programs their top choice. Of graduate students who were admitted to at least one non-UC institution in 2010, 48 percent indicated that they would attend UC, which was down from 52 percent in 2007.

Thursday at 10:45 am – Two important discussions: First, UC hired a consultant to prepare a report documenting UC’s contributions to California’s economy: “Through its direct spending and multiplier effects from that spending, UC generates $46.3 billion in annual economic activity for California and contributes $32.8 billion toward California’s Gross State Product.”

Second, UC will propose a four year budget. If state funding of UC remains flat over the four year period, UC would raise fees 16% per year, for a cumulative increase of 81%.

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