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UCD Funeral for Public Higher Education

Here are some photos from the UC Davis funeral for public higher education held on March 1st. It rained lightly, which set the mood perfectly, but turnout was rather light — perhaps fifty people. It was a good production though, ith an excellent bagpipe player and drummer, pallbearers, and about fifty black clad mourners. Local media were present en mass, and cops were either absent or very discrete.

DFA Chair Scott Shershow attended in his professorial robes and was pressed into service as an officiant to preside over a portion of the funeral. Although he had not prepared anything in advance, Scott did a fine job of describing the achievements of public higher education and his hope that, with the efforts of those present, it could be reborn.

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  1. March 2nd, 2012 at 6:39 am

    Virginia Jones says:

    Tuition and fees were $227.50 per quarter when I started UC Davis in the Fall of 1977. I received great healthcare with no co-pays. I moved into Baggin’s End Winter Quarter and paid $60 for half of a dome. You could work your way through college and owe not a penny when you got through.

    Now kids plan to live at home and go to a community college or attend PSU part time.

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