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Help stop the firing of 100 Bowling Green faculty

According to the Bowling Green State University Faculty Association: “on January 18, 2013 the president of Bowling Green State University, Mary Ellen Mazey, announced that the administration would be eliminating 100 hard-working and dedicated non-tenure track faculty at the end of spring semester 2013. The decision was not based on the quality of the instructors’ teaching, and no plan was offered to redress the inevitable imbalance of faculty-to-student ratio.”

This would be one eighth of the BGSU faculty, while the campus is planning to increase enrollment by 6,000 students by the year 2020. Rather than fight state funding cuts or find alternative funding sources, BGSU is planning to attack quality — ignoring the impact on the learning environment, students and faculty, graduation rates, time to degree, etc.

The BGSU-FA is collecting electronic signatures on a petition calling on the BGSU administration to stop these arbitrary firings:


More information is available at the BGSU-FA website:


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