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Upcoming statewide meeting on faculty issues

The University of California in general, and UCD in particular, has continued to face significant challenges in the past academic year. The DFA has played an active role in advocating faculty interests concerning health care and retirement plans, proposed revisions to university-industry relations policy, state funding for higher education, and faculty rights to the intellectual property of their lectures. The DFA has also reached out to graduate student organizations to understand and aid in improving their research and teaching environments.

On August 21, the DFA will join with the faculty associations at our sister campuses for the annual CUCFA (Council of UC Faculty Associations) meeting. This is an opportunity for us to coordinate activities and also begin planning for issues needing attention in the coming year.

We would welcome your input into those matters of most concern to you, especially issues that you think might not yet have come to our attention. Please let us know at info@cucfa.org.

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