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Join us for Lunch December 9, Noon

The Board of the Davis Faculty Association invites all interested UCD faculty to join us for lunch (pizza, salad, beer, sandwiches, etc), our treat, at Steve’s Place Pizza on F street in Davis, starting at noon on Wednesday, December 9th.

Come discuss the issues confronting UC with the Board of the DFA. We want to hear about your concerns, your suggestions, and any other input you may have. To be effective in representing you, we need your help.

And please invite your colleagues. As the University of California continues to face challenges, we need concerted action as much as ever.

UC task force considering pension cuts – we need your help

President Napolitano has charged a task force with developing a new 2016 UC Retirement Plan tier for faculty and other employees hired after June 30, 2016. We urge you to read CUCFA’s letter which details the proposed changes to the UC Retirement Plan and lays out the threat they pose to overall compensation for new faculty, as well as for the health of the pension system for all faculty. The letter includes a link and a pdf version with the names of faculty and task force representatives to whom concerns can be directed.

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