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Upcoming DFA Board Elections

Dear DFA Colleagues,

We are reaching out to you concerning two matters regarding DFA governance.

The first is the DFA Board.  It is time for us to prepare for our annual DFA board elections for the next Academic Year.  The official procedure is that we form a nominating committee which selects candidates, followed by a vote by the membership.  Suggestions from the broader DFA membership for the nominating committee to consider are most welcome. So please contact us if you have thoughts on this (including personal willingness to serve).

The second item is chairing the DFA Board.  Several of our sister UC Faculty Associations have co-chairs, and we are considering implementing that as well, with Jesse Drew and Richard Scalettar serving in the upcoming year.  Our thinking is that this is a particularly eventful time in the UC system and in higher education generally, and having additional breadth will enable us to be more active.

Indeed, one of Jesse’s foci will be on membership recruiting.  This is obviously fundamental to a successful association.  We would also like to take this opportunity to exhort you to become involved in this as well – think about colleagues who might be interested in what we do and chat with them

Best Regards,
The DFA Board

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