Davis Faculty Association

Statement on DACA

The Davis Faculty Association condemns the decision by President Trump to rescind the DACA program and views it as a direct attack on many of our students’ ability to work, study, and take advantage of the many opportunities UC Davis has to offer. This latest move by the Trump Administration takes away the futures of these students, strips these students of the protections DACA has provided, and destabilizes their lives on and off campus. We pledge to act to protect our DACA students. We fully support President Napolitano’s commitment to continue to allow California residents who are Dreamers to pay in-state tuition; to maintaining the DREAM loan program for financial aid; to offer legal services to our undocumented students; and to support campus-based student service centers. The DFA is further committed to preserving and defending UCD-specific programs which serve our valued DACA students.

The Executive Board of the Davis Faculty Association

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