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Nash Prize – DFA representative sought

One of the best things the DFA does every year is participate in the awarding of the annual Charles Nash Prize. You all are probably familiar with it; if not, some information about it is available at: http://ucdfa.org/nash-prize/

We need a DFA member to volunteer to assist with this. Below is a note from DFA Chair Richard Scalettar from a couple years ago asking for a volunteer for this task. He had volunteered to chair the committee the year previous and provides some information about the task. If you can take on this task, please let me know at info@cucfa.org

– Eric.

I am writing as Chair of the Davis Faculty Association to inquire if you might be willing to serve on the Nash Prize Committee.

The task is not so burdensome — reading the 5-10 applications, and 1-2 meetings to rank. The nomination deadline is early February, so the work is in the Winter quarter.

As committee chair two years ago, I can say that serving is also an interesting assignment — educating oneself about the really nice things that our colleagues are doing to promote staff/student/faculty welfare!

We only had one meeting, so that really reduces the likelihood of not being able to find a common time.  It is possible this year the choice will be more difficult and you will need two meetings, but that would do it.

Best Regards,

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