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Alarming Changes to UC Regent’s Governance Structure

Today the Regents voted on sweeping changes to the way the University of California is governed. The following articles describe some of the significance and context of this vote.

Have a Drink on us, June 7th at Sudwerk

The Board of the Davis Faculty Association invites all DFA members to join company over a beer – or other drink – at Davis’s Sudwerk restaurant at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, June 7th. Bring your colleagues and we will treat them too. Come discuss the issues confronting UCD. We want to hear about your concerns, [read more]

Meet your legislators

Bill Dodd currently represents the Davis area in the state Assembly, and Mariko Yamada was his immediate predecessor in that role. Both have volunteered to speak to DFA members about their experiences in the state Assembly, attitudes of legislators about UC, and about what state legislators can do to help UC. Both Dodd and Yamada [read more]

Statement in support of students occupying Mrak

We write to express our support and appreciation for the actions being taken by the UC Davis students who are currently occupying the 5th floor of Mrak Hall. These students are taking a firm stand in defending their belief that the administration should be held accountable to the public and that university affairs should be [read more]

We Supports the UC Academic Senate Resolution Rejecting the “2016 Tier Pension Plan”

On February 10, 2016, the Assembly of the Academic Senate of the University of California adopted the following resolution and sent it to UC President Janet Napolitano: The Assembly rejects the imposition of the PEPRA cap on the University of California and the discontinuation of the current pension plan in the absence of any plan [read more]

Chris Newfield’s talk on Feb 8 at 3 pm at Student Community Center

The Provost’s Forums on the Public University and the Social Good Monday, February 8, 2016 The Great Mistake: How Private-Sector Models Damage Public Universities and How They Can Recover Christopher Newfield Professor of Literature and American Studies – University of California, Santa Barbara Lecture: 3 to 4:30 p.m. Multipurpose Room, Student Community Center Reception: 4:30 [read more]

Act now to prevent further degradation of our retirement system

The University of California is currently considering introducing a new pension plan for its employees hired after 2016. These proposed changes will dramatically reduce pension benefits for most new faculty.

The Davis Academic Senate is planning to have two town hall events to discuss these proposals, one on Monday, January 25, at 10 am, at the UCD Med Center’s Center for Health and Technology lecture hall 1341. The other on January 28, at 10 am, in MU II. Please attend to learn more details or to express your opinion on these issues.

The Davis Academic Senate has also set up a comment form at where you can express your concerns about this plan.

Your opportunity to provide input to the Senate lasts just a couple weeks. For some purposes, it will be most effective to provide input this week.

Please read on for additional background and contact information.

Petition opposing changes to the UC retirement plan

The Davis Faculty Association, via the Council of UC Faculty Associations, is a member of the UC Union Coalition. A Union Coalition petition in opposition to detrimental changes to UC pension benefits is available here: http://www.protectmypension.org/ Please read it and consider joining in the opposition to changes that would harm the quality of the university. [read more]

Join us for Lunch December 9, Noon

The Board of the Davis Faculty Association invites all interested UCD faculty to join us for lunch (pizza, salad, beer, sandwiches, etc), our treat, at Steve’s Place Pizza on F street in Davis, starting at noon on Wednesday, December 9th. Come discuss the issues confronting UC with the Board of the DFA. We want to [read more]

UC task force considering pension cuts – we need your help

President Napolitano has charged a task force with developing a new 2016 UC Retirement Plan tier for faculty and other employees hired after June 30, 2016. We urge you to read CUCFA’s letter which details the proposed changes to the UC Retirement Plan and lays out the threat they pose to overall compensation for new [read more]