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Letter to Employee Relations regarding a new proposed consensual relationship policy

On November 23, the DFA Board sent the following concerns to Employee Relations:

The proposed Consensual Relationship Policy should be explicit that it covers conflicts resulting from direct power or authority.  There are increasing numbers of situations in which spouses are faculty or staff in the same department, and given the fluid nature of authority delegation in university departments, this policy could be read to prohibit that situation.  Is that the intention?

It is important that the policy on sexual harassment provide some protection to the accused in the procedures.  One suggestion is that either in II.B.2. or II.B.3., the statement be added that the accused should be informed of a full statement of allegations and given some access to a source of objective advice, including the implications of early resolution (is it a de facto admission of guilt?).  A second suggestion is that in II.B.4.a, the statement should add that the accused be given a full statement of Policy and Procedures, which would include the right to representation as specified in II.B.4.d.  As the policy reads now, there is a clear presumption of guilt on the part of the accused.

I hope these comments can be incorporated into the final versions of these policies.

Kathryn Radke, Associate Professor
Chair, Davis Faculty Association

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