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Fiat Lux

A colleague with a penchant for irony has made the following observation

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Fiat Lux, Latin for “Let there be light,” is the motto of the University of California.

From UC Davis Dateline, May 29 2008:

Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef’s brown bag chat on the Davis campus last week turned into a blackout.  Not because of a power failure. But because he had someone turn off the lights, all of them, in MU II at the Memorial Union.  “And this is just one little thing,” he said. “But if we’re all doing it, we could truly make a difference” — for a lower energy bill and improved sustainability.  Turning off the lights might not work in everyone’s office or lab. But the west wall of MU II is all glass, which during this noon hour let in a huge amount of sunlight. “We could get used to this, right?” the chancellor asked his audience of about 50 . . .

From UC Davis Dateline, May 29 2008:

UC Davis’ shiny new Aggie Stadium [has] brand-new lights, hoisted into place on May 29 atop 120-foot-tall steel poles . . . The $600,000 lighting system consists of . . . 180 metal halide lights, most of them 1,500 watts strong . . . The high-wattage lights are designed to put out . . . the brightness needed for television coverage of night events . . .The lights will be used for more than just football games. Aggie Stadium is also home to the women’s lacrosse team. In addition, the stadium will be available for evening concerts and community events . . .

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