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Survey #3 – First Administrator Evaluation

The DFA has begun conducting regular surveys of UC Davis faculty. Our first survey asked faculty if they thought UC Davis should use the upcoming change of Chancellor to strike out in a new direction. That survey resulted in significant coverage in the Davis Enterprise. Our second survey, which asked faculty what characteristics the campus should look for in its new Chancellor, resulted in an invitation to DFA officers to speak to the search committee. Now for our third survey.

The members of the faculty of the university are regularly evaluated by each other, by students, and by administrators. The latter group is not truly evaluated by anyone other than the Chancellor. The DFA believes that administrators should be subject to a regular evaluation by the faculty. With the current turn-over in personnel at the highest level of the administration, it is not useful at this point to evaluate the Chancellor or the Provost. However, the Office of Research and Graduate Studies are two administrative units that have a major impact on the research and teaching activities of the faculty. Our web survey offers the faculty an opportunity to evaluate their performance and to offer constructive suggestions that can be provided to our new Chancellor.

We are only mailing this message to members of the DFA but would like all faculty to participate. Please feel free to forward this message to invite your colleagues to participate in this survey.

(The survey is no longer available as data collection has been completed.)

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