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Special seminar by Academic Senate’s Bob Powell

Professor Robert Powell, recent past Chair of CHMS from 2002-2011, and now Chair of the UC system-wide Academic Senate, will present a special talk this Monday at noon entitled: The University of California: Access, Affordability, and Excellence in an Environment of Rapid State Disinvestment.

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The University of California: Access, Affordability, and Excellence in an Environment of Rapid State Disinvestment

A public lecture given by Professor Robert Powell, Chair of the system?wide UC Academic Senate and Faculty member of the Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science and the Department of Food Science & Technology.

Kemper 1065, noon, Monday October 22

Abstract: Access, Affordability and Excellence have been the hallmarks of a University of California education. Until recently these have been underpinned by the investment of the State of California in public higher education. That investment has paid off in a highly educated workforce that has been responsible for creating industries that touch our lives every day. The recent history is different. By all measures, the state has been disinvesting in public higher education for at least 20 years. For the first time in 2011?12 this resulted in student tuition surpassing state core funding. Still, the budget cuts have been only partially offset by the dramatic tuition increases. This talk attempts to provide a perspective on the budget crisis facing public higher education in California, with a particular focus on the University of California. Measures that have been taken will be described, as well as new measures that are being proposed to ensure that the three pillars that make the UC what it is are maintained and even enhanced.

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